Use these review sheets to share what you know with your classmates and to help you study for your Christianity test.

Pink- 1st Period Titan Pad

Green- 2nd Period Titan Pad

Yellow- 4th Period Titan Pad

Blue- 5th Period Titan Pad

1) What was the relationship like between Romans and Early Christians? What were conflicts about?

2) Constantine

3) Jesus

4) Mary

5) Miracles and what they teach about Christianity

6) Bethlehem

7) Jerusalem

8) Apostles

9) Disciples

10) Gospels

11) Paul

12) John the Baptist

13) Trinity

14) Baptism

15) Palm Sunday

16) Good Friday

17) Easter Sunday

18) The Last Supper

19) Christian Symbols

20 ) Parables

21) Teachings of Jesus

22) Protestant Reformation

24) Western vs. Eastern Orthodox Church

25) Features of a Church