​Derian Christianity Review Sheet

1) What was the relationship like between Romans and Early Christians? What were conflicts about?
Because the Romans believed in many gods (Polythistic) and standards they thought that the Monotheistic Christians should too. Although, the Christians didn't want to give in, it was their religion only to believe in 1 god. Because of this, they disagreed on many topics like art, authority,music, ceremonies, and much more.

2) Constantine- Constantine was a Roman Emperor. He is commonly known as the 'Christian' Emperor because he stopped and even reversed the persecutions of the christians, saving the religion from being killed off. He made it ok to practice this new religion and eventualy persecueted the pagans or non Jew/christians. (Is this right?)

3) Jesus- Jesus was the son of god. In Christianity, he is believed to be the messiah and that he will return when in Judaism, he was a good teaher. He was born in bethlehem to Mary and Joseph and spent his life spreading the great teachings of god to his decipels and others. Then was crusified for the crime of Blasphomy(spelling?) or speaking agianst ones god. But he was resurrected and came back to life. Christians believe Jesus will return on the day of judgement ;the end of the world.

4) Mary- Virgin Mary was Jesus' mother and Jesus was a gift to her from God. She is called the virgin mary because she had Jesus without losing her virginity. She was also born with original sin (anyone know the spelling?) which means that she was the only person to be born without sin. Mary Magnalin (anyone know the spelling?) was a disciple of Jesus and was the first to see him after he was resurrected.

5) Miracles and what they teach about Christianity-Jesus preformed many miracles in his life time. These include Jesus in Galilee, where he filled the nets with fish, and also ones where Jesus walks on water or turns water into wine. Any ways, these made people believe in Jesus's god and made them want to follow him. This was important because at that time because these were rather hard times with persecutions and all and Jesus seemed to be in need of more followers.

6) Bethlehem- The small town that Jesus was born in. Jesus was NOT raised in bethlehem, but in Nazareth.

7) Jerusalem- The capitol city of Israel. This is known in Christianity mainly for the fact that this is where Jesus spent his last days.

8) Apostles- The 12 followers that Jesus had, though they are referred to as Disciples, they are a different type. The Apostles were handpicked by Jesus himself. They were also chosen to spread Christianity.

9) Disciples-All of the early christians. (Christians at the time of Jesus.) Anyone who was a follower of Jesus.

10) Gospels A gosbel is a writing that describes the life of Jesus. The Gospels were written between A.D. 65 and 110.The Gospels are mainly referred to as The Gospel of Mark, Matthew,Luke ,and John. Gospel means "Good News".

11) Paul- Paul, a Jew who did not approve of Christianity eventually ended up preaching throughout Rome, to help convert people to Christianity. He was one of few who really helped Christianity grow through out time.

12) John the Baptist-John the baptist preaches to people, he wants people to repent all their sins and live a just life, he wore simple camel skin clothing, and ate locusts and honey. People went to jhon for baptism and wisdom,Jhon spoke of Generosity, Honesty, and Non Violence. John was beheaded for his beliefs.

13) Trinity
The Holy Trinity is made up of The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit. These three things represent God's three forms.

14) Baptism
Baptism is when one is welcomed into the christianity community and they are welcome officially with water on their head. Most people do it when they are babies, and if done while a babie,the babie would be named. if not then you may also do it as a full grown adult. In some branches people's bodies are fully emerged! New converts are baptized as adults.

15) Palm Sunday- A holiday that celebrates when Jesus entered Jerusalem for Passover. When jesus arrived, people lined the streets and waved palm branch to symbolize that he was the king of the Jews. This was done to royalty and important people. To celebrate Palm Sunday, people wave palm branches in church as part of the service.

16) Good Friday
Good Friday is the day that Jesus was crusified. (This was common and so did not only happen to Jesus.) Jesus died on the Crusifixtion cross, hence comes the holy cross that resembles Jesus and overall christianity. Also comes the second reason for why Jesus is named the lamb of god, he died to make up for the sins of the people. Jesus was also known as the lamb of God because he was like the lamb that was sacrifced in the Exodus story. He was sacrificed for the people.

17) Easter Sunday
Easter Sunday is the day Jesus rose from the dead, was reserected. This is the most important Christian holiday and is a very joyous event. On this day, people go to church, sing songs and remember the great life and teachings of Jesus Christ. The easter bunny also comes and gives kids candy. The eggs (usally chocolate) represent new life.
18) The Last Supper
The supper that Jesus had with his disciples the night before he was to be crucified. This is the thursday before easter. For their meal they ate bread and wine which Jesus blessed with a prayer that is now said over food in some Christian homes. The Bread represents jesus' body and the wine his blood. In some churches this is celebrated by the ceremony of communion.

19) Christian Symbols
Fish Symbol; In Greek the first two letters of Fish Is Jesuses initials.
Lamb; The lamb is a symbol of chrisianity for 2 reasons. 1- When Baptized by John, the man said that Jesus was 'the lamb of god.' 2- Jesus was killed and his death sopposedly was to make up for others sins. Much in relationship to a sacrificial lamb that was often seen in early Jewish culture.
Chi Rho; Chi and Rho in Greek are the first two letters of Christ. In the symbol they are shown inside each other.
Cross; The cross represents the very cross that Jesus was crusified and killed on. This shows mainly all of christianity and its teachings because it was all based on Jesus Christ, Son of God.

20 ) Parables- Small stories, or lessons that Jesus used to teach his followers. This was one of the main ways that Jesus taught his followers.

21) Teachings of Jesus
Jesus taught people about religion and about judaism. When Jesus taught he taught all over the Middle East. He taught about God, and all about judaism.

22) Protestanism- This is a large section of the christian religion, started my a man named Martin Luther. After the reformation of the western church came protestanism key word PROTEST. These people thought that they shouldn't have to ask or pay along with talk to someone to come clean with the forgivenes of their sins.(thats why protastants dont get babtized). There are so many different denominations of protestanism that it is difficult to call it one. Branches range from Lutherin to Southern Baptist to Congregational. In Protestantism, they don't believe in Saints or the pope as much as in Catholicism.

23) Reformation-The Reformation was a movement that caused the Roman Chatholic Church to split during the 16th century.

24) Western vs. Eastern Orthodox Church- In early christianity, there was a large disagreement over christian pwer between the eastern and western churches. The main thing was if the pope should have rule over the actions of the churches. The wester church thought that the pope should when the eastern church thought that they should be able to make their own decisions. This ended up making a large split in the christian denominations or branches.