Widmayer Christianity Review Sheet

1) What was the relationship like between Romans and Early Christians? What were conflicts about?
the western churches claimed authority over both churches.
Conflicts were about many things from art to heroes.
The Romans accepted other religions, as long as the other religions accepted Roman Gods.

2) Constantine was the first christain Roman Ruler.
Constantine saw a light and told his soldiers to paint a chi-roh (a christian symbol) on their sheilds and he won the war and became ruler. HE reversed persucations.

3) Jesus
Jesus was known as "The king of the Jews." He was the one who had started Christianity. But he had not spread it. Jesus didn't believe in all Jewish laws. He said it is more important to worry about what comes out of your mouth, not what goes in. Jesus was believed to be the son of God.
When Jesus was alive, he was jewish.
4) Mary
Mary was jesus' mother
Mary is so holy also because she had Jesus without breaking her virginity. she is known as the virgin.

5) Miracles and what they teach about Christianity

6) Bethlehem was where Jesus was born.
Jesus was born in a manger because there wasn't any room in the inn.
JEsus was born on Christmas.

7) Jerusalem
Jesus entered Jerusalem on Palm Sunday (the Sunday before Easter) as he was walking in the waved palms.
8) Apostles
Apostles were followers who were hand picked by Jesus'. Most of his apostles were Jewish.

9) Disciples
Disciples were followers of Jesus. Apostales were handpicked disciples. Jesus picked his 12 apostales that followed him.

10) Gospel
A gospel is an account of Jesus' life according to some of his disciples. These disciples were Mark, Matthew, Luke, and John. The gospels were written after the death of Jesus . The Gospels are also known as the New Testament. These replace the Torah in the Christian Bible. Gospel means Good News in the Greek Langauge. They are considered good news because they are telling about the good work of Jesus.

11) Paul
used to prosecute Christians. He was blinded by Jesus's light and was cured when a follower of Jesus touched him. He then traveled spreading the word of Jesus.

12) John the Baptist
John the Baptist was a baptist who thought that when you are baptised you are washing away your sins. John the Baptist was the cousin of Jesus.

13) Trinity
Father, Holy Spirit, Christ
Father, Son, Holy Spirit
14) Baptism

15) Palm Sunday
Palm Sunday commemorates the day Jesus arrived in Jerusalem. When he arrived the people waved palm leaves as a sign of royalty. Palm Sunday marked the first day of the last week of Jesus' life. Today you still get palms and can fold them into the shape of a cross. This day also is the first day of Holy Week in the Christian religion. This day means there is a week until you celebrate Easter Sunday.

16) Good Friday
Good friday is the day that Jesus was crucified on the cross.

17) Easter Sunday
Easter Sunday is the day that Jesus was said to have been Reserected then gone to god's kingdom (Heaven).
Jesus was resuructed, stayed on earth for 50 days, then went to heaven.
18) The Last Supper
the last is the supper that Jesus had the night before he died. For some reason Jesus knew that he was going to crucified and would rise in 3 days after his death. He told his disciples that. At the supper they ate bread and wine. Jesus said that the wine represented for the blood in his body and that the bread was his body. That is why sometimes at church you drink and little bit of wine and bread.

19) Christian Symbols
Fish Symbol
In Greek, the word for fish has the first letters of Jesus Christ, and so his symbol was the fish. Early Christians identified themselves with this symbol so as they would not be prosecuted.
The Lamb of God has two meanings- one comes from John the Baptist's description of Jesus, and the other recalls Jesus's resurection and the passover lamb.
Chi Rho
In Greek, Chi and Rho are the first two letters of Christ placed upon one another. The Chi Rho was also the symbol that Constantine made his soilders put on their sheilds.

20 ) Parables are short stories with morals that Jesus used to teach people about the Ten Commandments.

21) Teachings of Jesus
jesus based his teachings on jewish beliefs

22) Protestanism:

A branch that formed from catholic. They Protested (this is where the word protestanism came from.) They protested because they thought they shouldn't pay to get their sins forgiven.

23) Reformation Appeared in the 16th century when Protestant broke away from the Roman Catholic church and became the Western church.