O'Connell Christianity Review Sheet

1) What was the relationship like between Romans and Early Christians? What were conflicts about?
Romans were polytheistic (Belief in many gods), so they wanted the Christians to believe in their many gods. But one of the rules in the Ten Commandments is to only believe in one god. There were also disputes about art, burial practices, war, music, religious buildings, ceremonies, and women's lives.
2) Constantine- The first Roman Emperor to actually accept Christianity and be apart of it. But wasn't baptized until much later in his life.

3) Jesus- Is the "son of God", the Christian Messiah, and a teacher to many. He is also called the Lamb of God. As in, "Mary had a little lamb, little lamb, little lamb. Mary had a little lamb whos fleece was white as snow." he is called the Lamb of God because he sacraficed himslef and back then, lambs were sacraficed, like on passover.

4) Mary- Mary was the mother of Jesus.

5) Miracles and what they teach about Christianity- Miracles teach many christian lessons and belifes. for example: Jesus walked on water. When one of his apostles tried he lost faith and started sinking, the lesson was always have faith in God. These miracles also gave jesus and christianity more followers which was greatly needed at the time.

6) Bethlehem Jesus was born in Bethlehem.It is a very important place.

7) Jerusalem- Is the city Jesus rode into when he ate the last supper and got crucified.

8) Apostles- 12 followers of Jesus that were hand-picked by Jesus himself.

9) Disciples-the followers of jesus

10) Gospels-Writen text of Jesus Christ
Also these were written by Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, (who were followers of Jesus) many years after Jesus' death. They are our base of knowledge about early christianity and the life of Jesus.

11) Paul-A jew who wanted to persacute the christians, and once god spoke to him and blinded him until he was touched by a christian. He became a believer of christianity and a follower of jesus. he spread christianity around the world.

12) John the Baptist- Converted people with and without a religion to Christianity and was a relative of Jesus. He was the one who baptised him and called him "The lamb of god" knowing that he was a sacrifice for their sins. He was killed while being beheaded and was follower of Christ

13) Trinity- The Trinity represents the son, the father, and the holy spirit. St. Patrick used the Blarney stone to teach people about the Trinity.
Also, the trinity is used in catholic churches to bless themselves.

14) Baptism-This sacrament began when John the Baptist(see 12)For more info on him)baptized Jesus. Christians are baptized a few days after they're born, but others get baptized as adults. Although Baptism is a common practiced Right of Passage, some branches of Christianity like certain protestents(Quakers, Christian Scientists,etc) don't practice baptism. God parents are required to attend the ceromony of the baptism. At the baptism, the infant(if they're an infant)is given a name.

15) Palm Sunday- this holiday always falls on the Sunday before Easter. It celebrates Jesus going to Jerusalem to celebrate Passover. It is called Palm Sunday because when Jesus went to Jerusalem they were waving palm leaves at him, an waving palm leaves is a sign of royalty.

16) Good Friday-Commemorates the day when Jesus was crucified and died. It is the Friday before Easter Sunday. It is called Good Friday because Christians believed that Jesus died for their sins and they thought this was a good thing for him to do.

17) Easter Sunday remembers the day Jesus had risen from the dead to his followers, or was resurrected. On Easter songs such as Hallelujah are sung and flowers, pastel colors, and white, are displayed. This is the most important holiday for Christians.

18) The Last Supper- The last supper that Jesus had with his deciples before he died.
Also, at this meal, Jesus told his Apostles that he would die and that one of them, (which ended up being Judas,) would betray him. He gave the men bread to symbolize his body and wine his blood. He washed their feet, which was his way of saying that by doing this servant's job he was equal to them.

19) Christian Symbols
Fish Symbol- The Greek word for fish includes the first letters of Jesus Christ
Lamb represents two things. 1) is that Jesus was a sacrifice to help us forgive our sins just as lambs are sacrificed on the Jewish Holiday, Passover. 2) is that John the Baptist described Jesus as "The lamb of God" when he baptized Jesus.
Chi Rho- The two first letters of Christ in greek, melded together.

20 ) Parables are one way that Jesus used to teach. They are non-complicated tales that include a moral or religious belief.

21) Teachings of Jesus Jesus taught ordinary people about love and mercy through parables, and speeches.

22) Protestanism: Is groups or organizations that do not have the same belief as the Pope and believe certain things in a different way. Example of some of the groups is Quakers, Babtists, Methodists, and Presbyterians.
Also, this group of Christians didn't want the Pope to rule over them.

23) Reformation:Martin luther disagreed with some aspects of christianity. One of the aspects he disagreed with was that a priest must atone you, not only this but at the time some priests charged money for atonement. He nailed a sign to the front door of a church. This sign stated all the things he did not like about christianity. Many people agreed with him and he started the branch Lutheran christian.

24) Western vs. Eastern Orthodox Church: The Western church believed that the Pope can be the leader and the boss but the Eastern church believed they couldn't and everybody in the church can have a say.