Sadler HR Christianity Review Sheet

1) What was the relationship like between Romans and Early Christians? What were conflicts about?

The relationship was a very tedious one, and they didn't agree on many ideas. Some of these conflicts were about what sort of artwork the Christians should make, how people would be buried, who to worship and why, fighting, what music should and shouldn't be played, building designs, how to celebrate religious ceremonies, and how much freedom women had. When they fought, the Christians didn't have an army of course. But they did have many brave strong men called Martyr . Martyr would die for Christianity happily. sacrificing their lives so they can enter the after life in the kingdom of god.

2) Constantine
Roman emperor, made Christianity the main religion, before fight for emperor, saw a cross behind the sun, said to have told his soldiers to put the chi rho on shields. He won this battle.

3) Jesus
Jesus is known as the "Son of God" (the holy trinity can describe this relationship better.) WAs born to Mary and Joseph in Bethlehem on December 25th in a manger in a stable. Sp his life preaching teachings of God and was crucified and rose on Easter Sunday. A lot of Christians worship Jesus, believing that he is the Messiah.

4) Mary
was the mother of Jesus, also known as the Virgin Mary. God's angel Gabriel told her that she would have a baby. made Jesus perform miracles at weddings....

5) Miracles and what they teach about Christianity
Jesus's miracles taught lessons like forgive, love god, and happiness ect. some people argue over what they mean. It all depends if you look at it metaphorically or literally.
6) Bethlehem
Bethlehem was where Jesus was born. He was born in a manger in a stable. Mary and Joseph had to go to Bethlehem to pay their taxes. Mary was pregnant, so they moved slowly. When they got to Bethlehem, all of the inns were full, so they had to stay in a manger.

7) Jerusalem
Jerusalem is where Jesus and his disciples went to and were welcomed with people waving palms- this is where palm sunday comes from. In Jerusalem Jesus and the apostles had the last supper, where Jesus was crucified, and where Jesus rose from the dead.

8) Apostles
There were 12 apostles that Jesus handpicked to travel with and help spread his teachings.apostles means a follower of Jesus.

9) Disciples
Followers of certain people, in this case, Jesus. general people, less specific

10) Gospels
Means Good News in a different language. That different language is Greek.
The gospels in the New Testament are told by 4 of Jesus' followers. Matthew, Luke, and John. The gospels are accounts of Jesus' life and teachings.

11) Paul
Paul was originally named Saul, was a Jew who belied in persecuting Christians. One day, when he was on the road going somewhere, a light flashed, blinding him, and God spoke to him. He did not regain sight until a christian touched him. He went on long journeys across the roman empire spreading Christianity.
Paul was made into a saint.

12) John the Baptist
John the Babtist was the man who babtized Jesus. He also was the one that named Jesus the messiah. He also baptized other people who wanted to be. He baptized Jesus in the Jordan river.

John the baptist was the man who named jesus the lamb of god.

13) Trinity
Father, Holy Spirit, Christ
Father, son, Holy Spirit
When saying this you touch your forehead then heart then right shoulder then left shoulder.

14) Baptism
Babtism is a sacrement in the christian church in which a baby gets blessed of original sin. The preist either submerges the baby in water or sprinkles and blesses the child on his/her forehead. You do not have to be a baby to receive baptism/ be baptized

15) Palm Sunday
the day Jesus came to Jerusalem. It is called Palm Sunday because when Jesus arrived, everyone waved palm leaves for a sign of royalty.
16) Good Friday
is the day Jesus died for us on the cross. He was crucified on Good Friday.
The day Jesus was put on the crucifix to die

17) Easter Sunday

The day when Jesus rose from the dead or resurrected.

18) The Last Supper
Jesus' last meal, ( a passover meal) the day before his crucifixion. >>> commemorated on Maundy Thursday. The time when they ate bread and wine to remember Jesus.

Also a time when Judas betrayed Jesus by telling the Romans where he was.
19) Christian Symbols
Fish Symbol: the Greek work for fish contains the first initials for the words, jesus christ savior son of god
Lamb: john the baptist called Jesus the lamb of god. Also, lambs are used as sacrifices and jesus was sacraficed.
Chi Rho: A Chi Rho is the first two letters of christ in greek, on top of each other.
Cross: The main Christian symbol because of the crucifixion of Jesus. Most churches have one, or are shaped like one.

20 ) Parables

Simple stories that Jesus told his followers that had important morals that Jesus believed in. Jesus used parables to help with his teachings. The morals where either said literally or metaphorically.

21) Teachings of Jesus
In addition to Jesus teaching through parables, he also taught through sayings to teach important life rules and to help people understand how to live their lives.

22) Protestantism

A branch of Christianity that was founded my Martin Luther. It started when Christians of the Western Church began to rebel and protest against the Pope. This resulted in the Western Church being divided into 2 branches: Protestant and Roman Catholic.

23) Reformation
The Reformation occurred in the 16th Century and was when Protestantism broke apart from Roman Catholicism and became its own branch of the Western Church.

24) Western vs. Eastern Orthodox Church
Western believe Pope is most powerful, Eastern think the Pope should not have more power than them.