The Hajj

Directions: Your task is going to be to use the Google Earth tour of the hajj to write 6 different haikus, one about each part of the hajj.
Remember: A haiku is a short poem with 5 syllables in the first line, 7 syllables in the second line, and 5 syllables in the 3rd line.

1) Visit TeachMidEast's website.

2) Scroll to the bottom of the page where it says "Further Resources" and click on the first resource listed, which is a Google Earth Tour of the hajj.

3) Click on "View in Google Earth" and give the computer a minute to download the file.

4) Google Earth should open and in the left hand side toolbar, there should be a folder called "The Hajj" and underneath it should be a camera icon that says "Click Here to Start Tour". Click there and start the tour!

5) Read about each part of the hajj as Google Earth takes you through the tour. You will need to exit out of each "explanation box" once you have finished reading it in order to use the play button to continue along the tour. If you get stuck, as a friend or neighbor who gets it for help. Feel free to make some stops along your tour and click on any of the photo icons on the map to learn more about different important sites.

6) For each part of the hajj, you need to write one haiku (6 in total) describing what happens at that part of the hajj. Even though you will be working in partners, EACH PERSON INDIVIDUALLY will write their own haikus. Write your haikus neatly on a separate sheet of paper. Make sure to include details about the RITUAL (what do people do?) that is performed on this section of the hajj and what it commemorates (or WHY they do it).

You need to have haikus for each of the following parts of the Hajj:
1) Tawaaf
2) Safaq and Marwah
3) Mina
4) Plain of Arafat
5) Stoning the Pillars
6) Sacrifice/ Donating of animal meat to people in need

7) If you have extra time before your teacher invites you to share your haikus, you are welcome to explore the other links on the the TeachMidEast's site about the hajj. Only view those links under "Further Resources" on the hajj page.

You are also welcome to write more than one haiku about each part of the hajj.

8) If you don't finish, it is NOT homework, but you should try to get as far as you can. If you do not get a chance to share haikus in class, we will share them on Monday.

Here is a link to BEAUTIFUL photographs from the hajj.