Period 1 Islam Review Sheet

Period 2 Islam Review Sheet

Period 5 Islam Review Sheet

Period 7 Islam Review Sheet

Link to helpful Crossword puzzle makers

The 99 - Comic Strip and Animated Series


Download the blank study guide to help you stud

Link to T.V. clips that contain stereotypes and counter stereotypes about Islam

Link to women explaining why they chose to not wear a veil anymore
Link to youtube video showing a student who is asked to remove her veil in Spain

Link to PBS common misperceptions and stereotypes about Islam and Americans

"I am a Muslim" Video

The Hajj

Click on this link to find resources about the Hajj.
Instructions: Scroll to the bottom of the page and choose one of the resources to review what you have learned about the Hajj. Choose either the Google Earth tour, the PBS website, the Saudi- U.S. interview, our the slideshow made by the government of Saudia Arabia.

Then, write 3 haikus about 3 different parts of the Hajj.

National Geographic Movie:
Here is a link to the INSIDE MECCA movie about 3 different pilgrims experiences on the Hajj.

Here is a link to some beautiful images of Ramadan around the world in 2010 from the Boston Globe.

Here are some links to various mosques around the world.

Mosques Around the World

Beautiful Mosques

25 Examples of Mosques Around the World

Mosque in Mali

Station #1: Geography

Link to "An Analysis of the World Muslim Population By Country"

United Streaming: The Early History

World Proportion of the world's adherents to Islam

World Population of Muslims

Pew Forum Interactive Maps Muslim Population Past, Current, Future

Station #2: The Koran

United Streaming: The Koran

Station #4: The Mosque

United Streaming: The Mosque

Station #3

Brain Pop about Ramadan
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